Some LogoVermillion Pictures began in New York City in 2004 as a community of artists working together to produce compelling, and thought provoking work. In early 2012 Vermillion is relaunching it's services with an expanding community of artists and professionals. The company specializes in the synthesis of traditional media and digital media. Vermillion Pictures goal is to maximize the use of micro budgets to create large scale projects such as the development, production, and distribution of Film, Digital Video, Photography, and Graphic Images.
About Us
Vermillion Pictures is a community of artists and professionals with diverse backgrounds who collaborate to create unique projects.
Equipment and Technology
Information related to software, hardware, and cameras used in our projects. We are constantly working with new media and techniques to achieve the best results.
Free Things
Access to downloads and useful links including sounds, images, and resources from around the web to get you jump started on your own projects. (currently under construction)